5 Best North Indian Cities to Celebrate Diwali 2021

The festival of lights, Diwali is associated with splendor and grandeur in India. It is considered the biggest Indian festival to be celebrated across the country with great enthusiasm. This five-day festival honors the return of Lord Rama and Sita to their kingdom Ayodhya after defeating the demon Ravana. This festival is celebrated as the mark of victory of good over evil. Most of the Indian states get illuminated with the lights and swoon in the spirit of festivity during Diwali.

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Here are the 5 best Indian states which are worth exploring for Diwali 2021 for their exception Diwali celebrations:


Diwali Celebration in the Different States of India


1- Jaipur

The Pink city of Jaipur is one of the best states to experience the warm glow of lights on every Diwali. Not just a few buildings, even the whole markets in Jaipur are illuminated with bright lights. The city holds a competition for the best illuminated and decorated market and the best part is that the government contributes to the electricity bill. These dazzling markets attract visitors across the country to witness their glory.

2- Varanasi

The city holds its holistic relevance and situated profoundly on the banks of river The Ganges. This vibrant city is known to indulge in the true festive spirits of Diwali. You can experience the fireworks throughout the night on Diwali. The fabulous fireworks over the river Ganges can be experienced at the plush stay in any riverside hotel. The special Ganga Aarti calls for special attention by the holy visitor to adore the serenity of the Ganges which is illuminated with thousands of earthen lamps and candles to be flowed down in it.

3- Amristar

This city of Punjabis which is predominated by the Sikh community is always known for its splendid food and enriched culture. And they have their way to celebrate the marvelous occasion of Diwali too. On this festival, the sixth Sikh guru – Guru Hargobind Singh released from the prison in 1619. Even the foundation of the Golden Temple in Amritsar was laid on the day of Diwali in 1577. You can witness a mesmerizing view on Golden Temple which is majestically draped in the awe-inspiring lights and fireworks. Even the devotees come down to this holy temple to lit candles and oil lamps on the edge of its lake.

4- Nathdwara

It is another Holy city from North India which is just a 50-minute drive away from Udaipur. The town is known for its traditional Pichwai paintings which are inspired from Krishna’s life. Every year, just a week before  Diwali, all the walls of various buildings in the town are whitewashed and repainted. On the preceding day of Diwali, an ‘Annakuta’ festival is celebrated. The idol of Sheenathji is beautifully decorated, dressed and displayed. All the cows of the temple are also decorated and displayed. Goverdhan Puja, on the day after Diwali, marks the victory of Krishna over Indra (the god of rain).

5- Udaipur

This city has always attracted the world for its rich cultural heritage. The celebrations of Diwali at Udaipur are as splendid as the city itself. Lake Pichola is witnessed by travelers on Diwali to experience exceptional fireworks. Udaipur Light Festival is the major attraction of the place which showcases food stalls, various performers, art installations and many more interesting artifacts to display the rich cultural legacy of the city.

Enjoy the best of Diwali celebrations at these hub cities in Northern India to explore the authentic Indian culture.

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