5 Diwali Customs and Traditions 2021 – Happy Diwali 2021

As Diwali is the most celebrated festival across India, there are several traditions and customs related to Diwali that might be unknown to us. This festival of light blows the triumphant of good over evil. In India, people from different cultural backgrounds celebrate the festival in different ways. The long-established customs of Diwali still hold relevance in the modern world.

Here are some of the traditions and customs you must know about Diwali:

1 – House-cleaning

It is believed that on the day of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi steps into those houses which are clean and tidy. From painting your house to de-cluttering and even refurbishing, here cleaning refers to giving a refreshing look to your home. Many Indians white-wash their home every Diwali is a tradition as well. The cleaning also helps in removing the negativity from your house and imbibes the positive vibes.

2 – Diwali Traditional Sweets 2021

The Five-day Diwali celebration is all about indulging in a sinful affair of delightful food and delicious sweets. Laddo, Barfi, Rasgulla, gulab-jamun, halwa, the list of these traditional sweets are endless. It is customary to gift box these conventional sweets to their loved ones to add a tinge of sweetness to the celebration.

3 – Diwali Shopping 2021

Diwali is the time of the year, where companies make record sales. From consumer electronics to clothes, accessories, and many more, people wait for Diwali to execute their special shopping plans. Even most of the sellers offer lucrative deals and discounts to allure the buyers. The 5-day celebration calls for wearing new clothes every day as customary. Most people prefer traditional clothing. Men wear kurta and pajamas while women love to showcase their traditional range of outfits. On the day of Dhanteras, buying gold or silver is considered auspicious.

4 – Diwali Rangoli 2021

As decoration of houses plays a vital role in the celebration of Diwali, it is done with the view t attract the goddess Lakshmi. It is believed that the Lakshmi Ji enters on the night of Diwali to all the houses which are decorated beautifully. Rangoli is an artwork that is done at the entrance of the house or at doorways. Rangoli colors are readily available in the market. Explore your artistic skills for Diwali 2020 by making beautiful rangoli using rice powder, flour, flowers, and rangoli colors.
Not just rangoli, Diwali is the day when people lit up their house with earthen lamps (Diya) and candles. Rangoli is believed to bring good luck. The primary purpose of rangoli making is decoration.

5 – Diwali Playing Cards 2021

Diwali is the time to spend time with your friends and family. What could be better than playing cards and exchanging gifts to spend some memorable time with them? It is believed that the goddess Parvati played dice with Lord Shiva on the day of Diwali. She declared that whosoever would gamble on Diwali night will prosper throughout the year. Hence, people celebrate Diwali by playing cards as customary.
Make your Diwali 2021 prosperous and memorable with these traditions.
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