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7 Best Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Diwali 2022 | Happy Diwali 2022

7 Best Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Diwali 2022 | Happy Diwali 2022

With the growing awareness about the environment, it is time to join hands to work for the environment and make our world a better place to live. this happy Diwali 2022 let’s explore the ways in which you can celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali 2022.

Here are the 5 best ways to Celebrate Diwali 2022 in an eco-friendly way:


1. Say ‘No’ to cracker

Crackers are responsible to escalate the pollution levels drastically. It also provokes several health issues and breathing troubles. Not just air pollution, crackers also lead to noise pollution. Prefer eco-friendly crackers that do not cause harm to our atmosphere.

Say ‘No’ to cracker


2. Prefer recycled décor

With the active ‘say no to plastic’ movement, it’s time to look upon some recycled décor for this Diwali. The décor items which can be reused and eco-friendly should be promoted this Diwali.

Prefer recycled décor

3. Replace Chinese lamps with traditional ‘diyas’

Let’s evoke the feeling of patriotism and ditch the Chinese products this Diwali. Diyas are a cost-effective and bio-degradable way of celebrating Diwali. You can craft diyas using coconut shells, what dough, and even orange peels.

Replace Chinese lamps with traditional ‘diyas’

4. Eco-friendly rangolis

In traditional times, rangoli was considered for feeding the bird besides decorating the house. Instead of chemical-infused colors, use flowers and ingredients from your kitchen like flour, rice, and other products. Add a natural essence to your rangoli for Diwali 2022.

Eco-friendly rangolis

5. Thoughtful gifts

This Diwali looks for some thoughtful gifts like khadi products and jute-made products instead of regular plastic-made products. Discard the fancy and shiny plastic sheet decoration and try out some fabricated packaging using net cloths and ribbon decorations.

Thoughtful gifts

6. Imbibe traditionally vibes with home-made sweets

The marketing strategies by various multinational companies have labeled chocolates as the new trend of Diwali celebrations. This is nothing more than the marketing gimmicks. Let’s imbibe some traditional vibes and send the best Diwali wishes in 2022 by trying our culinary skills. Try out some easy-to-make sweets at home and surprise your loved ones.

Imbibe traditionally vibes with home-made sweets

7. Avoid plastic

Diwali is the time to get together and spend amicable time with your loved ones. Amidst all the zeal and enthusiasm of being together, how can one forget to binge on food and sweets to double the fun? Avoid the use of plastic cutlery and disposables. These non-recyclable products cause major harm to our environment. If you do not have enough utensils to serve, opt for paper and other eco-friendly plates to serve. Nothing could beat a warm wish sent to your loved ones. Best Diwali wishes are a great way to get in touch with your loved ones and recall the moments spent together. Let this Diwali be as special as you are by celebrating it in an eco-friendly way. Don’t forget to sent the Diwali greetings to your loved ones to make Diwali 2022 equally special to them. Let’s pledge to bring happiness and prosperity to our environment and country for Diwali 2022 by adopting the aforesaid eco-friendly measures.

 Avoid plastic

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