Govardhan Puja 2023 Date and Time for Mountain

To commemorate the incident in which Lord Sri Krishna lifted Govardhana Hill to shield the people of Vrindavana from Indra’s wrath, Govardhana Puja is observed in the month of Kartika (October–November). 

The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna advised the people of Vrindavana to worship the Govardhana Hill rather than Indra when He observed them getting ready for the Indra-yajna. 

Govardhan puja

When Indra learned of this, he grew enraged and threw a catastrophic downpour on Vrindavan. With the tip of His tiny finger, Krishna raised Govardhana Hill, providing refuge for all Vrindavana residents. When Indra realized what he had done, he asked Krishna for pardon. 

Additionally, it’s thought that King Bali visits Prithvi Lok on this day. The Gujarati New Year, observed on Shukla Paksha Pratipada of the Kartik month, falls on the same day as this occasion.

What is the meaning of Govardhan?

“Govardhan Puja” is the Hindi term for “worship of Govardhan Mountain.”Govardhan is the name of a hill connected to a story you’ll learn about later concerning Shri Krishna’s time in Dwaparyug. 

Puja is Hindi for “worship.” Let’s use our holy scriptures to verify the legitimacy of Govardhan Puja.

History of Govardhan Puja

The eleventh canto of Srimad Bhagavatam describes this pastime, known as Govardhana Lila. This festival is observed each year in the month of Kartika by Krishna’s instructions and imitation of the people of Vrindavan. The Lord gives the food in a stack like a tiny mound. On Govardhana Puja day, devotees also worship cows. 

Gopala, the guardian of cows, is another name for Krishna. Namo brahmanya-devaya go-brahmana-hitaya ca is another prayer found in the Vishnu Purana. Krishna is referred to as the benefactor of cows and Brahmanas. The cows receive good care and decoration.

History of Govardhan Puja

Devotees go around Govardhana Hill with the cows in front of them. Giridhari Malankara is used to embellish the statue of Lord Sri Krishna, who is depicted clutching the Govardhana Hill in His left hand with His little finger. 

ISKCON Bangalore’s followers recreate the Govardhana Hill using eggless cakes and a variety of cookies baked in the temple’s on-site bakery. The Govardhana cake is presented to Sri Sri Krishna Balarama’s Deities before being shared with all worshippers.

The cows get adoration and are lavishly adorned. The cow guardian Gopala is honored with an arati. Dedicated singers perform songs such as Yashomati Nandana.

Everyone hears the story of the Govardhana pastime. The devotees chant Sri Govardhanashtakam, an eight-verse poem that exalts the Govardhana Hill, while a great arati is performed for Krishna Balarama.

Govardhan Puja was not Permitted.

Shri Krishna raised Govardhan Hill to force humanity to worship The Supreme God solely. It is a terrible shame that after trusting uneducated priests, gullible people began to worship Govardhan Hill. Worshiping the Govardhan Hill is not something that Shri Krishna endorses. 

The Holy Srimad Bhagavad Gita has not a single line that encourages the veneration of Govardhan Mountain. The only reason people worship it is that all of Hinduism has been misled by its stupid religious leaders, who are also unaware of the truth.

Do You Feel Happy After Govardhan Puja?

You cannot get happiness by worshipping a hill or other material objects. We do not fully atone for our sins by doing Govardhan Puja Aarti. One experiences joy as a consequence of their good acts and sadness from their bad deeds (sins) from prior lifetimes. 

How to Celebrate this day?

56 vegetarian dishes are cooked to present Govardhan Mountain and Shri Krishna on this day of Annakut Utsav. You may provide the mountain with uncooked milk, handmade treats, and other things. 

Roli Akshat, or uncooked rice, is applied to the hill by devotees. People worship a tiny hill built out of mud or cow dung and decorated with flowers.

How to Celebrate this day?

 Certain worshippers visit Govardhan Hill. This devotion opposes Scripture simply because uninformed priests and religious figures promote it. In verses 16:23 and 24, the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita forbids engaging in religious activities that contradict the Bible.


Q: Why do we celebrate Govardhan Puja?

This day honors the Bhagavata Purana occurrence where Krishna raised Govardhan Hill to provide the residents of Vrindavan shelter from severe downpours. The occurrence is interpreted as a symbol of how God would shield all his followers who find exclusive shelter in him.

Q: What is the story of Govardhan?

According to legend, Lord Krishna raised the Govardhan Hill with just one finger when he was a little boy to protect his home village of Mathura from violent downpours and thunderstorms. Because of this, this hill is revered and is walked 23 kilometers around in a circle by devotees as part of Govardhan Puja on Guru Purnima.

Q: Which day of Diwali is called Govardhan Puja?

Padwa, Govardhan Puja, or Bali Pratipada are the festival days of Diwali on the fourth.

Q: Who is Govardhan God?

It is seen as a natural manifestation of Krishna and is also known as Govardhan or Giriraj. It is also the spiritual center of Braj. In Indian art, the iconic picture predominates. However, there is some animosity in folk religion, early Buddhism, Shiva’s Banalinga, and Vishnu’s Shaligrama.

Q: How do you celebrate Govardhan Puja?

On this day, devotees create a pile of cow dung to symbolize Mount Govardhan. They use rangoli and flowers to adorn the mountains. To shield their family from any wrongdoing, they pray to Lord Govardhan. 


People celebrate Govardhan puja in various regions of the nation. It also goes by the name Annakut puja and occurs on the partipada tithi of the Hindu month of Kartik. 

On the day that Lord Krishna conquered God Indra, it is observed. Numerous rites, including the making of annakuts, are performed during the puja. Govardhan-shaped cow dung is also manufactured. 

The Lord Krishna statue is fed various special bhog foods, including wheat, rice, curries, green vegetables, and puja. According to the Hindu religion, the commencement of this puja is marked by Vamana, a manifestation of Lord Vishnu, forcing King Bali to the Patal Lok to win the cultural triumph.

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