Happy Holi 2021 Images With Wishes And Quotes

Hello guys, I’m gonna tell you about how Holi is celebrated & what’s the reason behind celebrating this festival of colors. Here you will find the real historical truth of this festival. Here are some happy Holi wishes you can wish your loved ones through these wishes. you can wish through happy holiday greetings for friends and family.


Holi, the festival of the Hindu scriptures, religious and historic significance. King Hiranyakasipu and a very popular story about his son Prahlad ?? having had. ESP king devil hates God. Lord Vishnu and threatened people in his kingdom to worship him to stop. But the offspring of the king’s son Vishnu devotee, a verdant.
He and his father refused to follow the orders of the king distressed. Hiranyakashyap his sister Holika ‘directed to pulverize his own son Prahlad. Holika had a boon to be immune to fire. He is absolutely sure that he will not be affected by the blazing fire and the youth took the seat was on fire with Prahlad. Lord Vishnu’s devotee Prahlad’s protection is provided and she was alive, but Holika was burnt to death. What is the festival of Holi symbolizes the victory of good over evil.
Today, the festival of colors, our family, friends, and loved ones an opportunity to reunite with. People with loved ones when they take a break from your boring life and share the joy of this festival brings color to life. Everyone plays by throwing colored water and chasing each other and bright holly.

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