Happy Holi 2023: Best 50 SMS, Messages and Quotes

Holi will be celebrated in 2023, beginning at dusk on March 6 and lasting until dusk on March 7th. Holi, also known as the festival of colours or giving and receiving, is a two-day Hindu celebration in the Spring.

The festival’s color and energy symbolize the various facets of existence—Holi, the celebration of colors, ushers in spring and ushers out winter. 

The Holi 2023 celebration has gained new significance in the current day. It’s time to unite and appreciate our diversity right now. The event serves as a reminder that while we are all unique, we are also connected by our shared humanity.

Holi 2023

In today’s world, the Holi celebration in 2023 has a new role. We must come together at this time while embracing our diversity. So go to work on your party plans and stock up on water cannons and colorful powders! 

Happy Holi

It’s time to come together, acknowledge our commonalities, and forge relationships of respect and understanding. 

Why is Holi Celebrated?

People celebrate Holi yearly to commemorate the start of spring and love, fertility, and rebirth. The festival is a time for bonding with others, letting go of the past, and healing strained bonds.

 It is also a time when participants can loosen social norms and break down cultural barriers. According to Garg, “maintenance of culture is vital for my family and me, as it is for many South Asian parents.” “It is crucial that we teach our child about our cultural beliefs. 

You may find something to enjoy during Holi, no matter your favorite cuisine. Prepare to feast your eyes (and tummy!) on some of the most flavorful and enjoyable meals you’ve ever eaten. 

History Of Holi

The Puranas assert that the Holi story is just as young as the Ramayana and Mahabharata. One of the four periods in Hindu mythology, the Satyuga, was controlled by the powerful demon Hiranyakashipu. 

The demon king was extremely enraged by the fact that his son, Prahlad, was a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu. He considered many ways to murder his son, all of which were unsuccessful.

Happy Holi

One method was having Holika, his sister, sit next to Prahlad in a fire since she possessed a magical garment that protected her from the flames. But while they were seated in flames, Lord Vishnu intervened, causing the flames to burn Holika instead of Prahlad.

The locals celebrated the next morning since they had finally conquered the monster. He speared Radha’s face with colored powder on Yashoda’s counsel, and it was the beginning of their romance.

How to celebrate the Holy?

This is the perfect opportunity to unite, recognize our similarities, and create a foundation for mutual respect and understanding. The task of gathering fallen wood and leaves for the bonfires, which symbolize the end of winter, generally falls to men and boys. 

However, cutting down forest trees for burning is affecting some of these customs today.

Throw Colours:

Holi’s vibrant colors add to the day’s liveliness and make them more spectacular. The colors applied to people’s skin in the past were usually natural. Still, today many of them are synthetic, and some even include hazardous chemicals that might cause skin irritation in some people.


Malpua, Dahi vada, and thandai are a few Holi-related meals traditionally prepared in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Unlike a pancake, malpua is created from flour, milk, and sugar.

It is typically served with rabri, a thickened milk dish with sugar, and is deep-fried. Yeast-soaked lentil dumplings make the fried snack known as dahi vada.


Many people build large bonfires on Holi’s eve to remember the triumph of good over evil in the story of Holika and Prahlad. 

These fires are thought to frighten evil spirits by serving as a reminder of Holika’s dying. The bonfire burning is a joyful event. Many people dance, sing, and mingle with their loved ones on this occasion. This procedure is known as Holika Dahan.

Water Balloons:

No Holi is complete without getting wet, and water balloons are the perfect method to douse your fellow revelers in water. Buy some water-filled balloons you may throw at your loved ones, or go the more direct way with some water blasters. 

Moreover, colored bath drops may be used in a small pool for a highly effective (and eye-catching!) soak.


Bhang is a dessert created from cannabis paste that many Holi festival participants love. This is a traditional dessert meant to promote relaxation during the celebration.

Make Rangoli:

Rangoli is a decorative art piece painted on the floor or the front entryway of homes.Some Hindus make rangolis every morning, while others only do so on holidays like Diwali or Holi.

Suppose you feel like you need to avoid mixing colored powder yourself to create an original Rangoli art design. In that case, you may get a kit that will allow you to make beautiful Rangoli coasters, a simple Rangoli puzzle, or even a mess-free Rangoli sand art.


Q: Is Holi a Holiday?

Yeah, all businesses, including schools and government offices, are closed nationwide in India during the Holi celebration.

Q: When will Holi be celebrated in 2023?

On March 8, 2023, which falls on a Wednesday, India will celebrate Holi. For Indian citizens, the Holi festival is the greatest holiday.

Q: What is holi?

Holi is centred around the theme of light and virtue triumphing over darkness and sin, much like Diwali (also known as the Festival of Lights) is.


Every year, Hindus celebrate the important holiday of Holika Dahan. It pays homage to the tale of Prahlad, a devout devotee of Lord Vishnu who evaded his wicked aunt Holika’s plan to burn him to death.

A bonfire is lit as part of the festival celebration, and people congregate around it to pray and sing devotional music. The blaze is viewed as a representation of good triumphing over evil and a reminder that goodness and righteousness will always win out in the end. The shubh muhurat for Holi puja runs from 6:24 pm to 8:51 pm.

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