365 Happy Mother’s Day Quotes and SMS 2023

Mother’s Day is when many people worldwide express their gratitude to moms and other mother figures. At the same time, it is an annual event, and the dates vary in each nation.

Mother's Day

Mothers are the guardians and providers for their offspring and, by extension, the entire human race. Instead, they receive sticky kisses, macaroni necklaces, and the gratification of watching their kids become happy, healthy people as their rewards. 

Using our suggestions for ways to give back and giving Mom an extra hug or special gift on Mother’s Day, which falls on the second Sunday in May, just in case, needs to be more compensation.


In the past, the Greeks and Romans conducted festivals honoring the mother deities Rhea and Cybele. Mothering Sunday, an ancient Christian holiday is considered its contemporary forerunner.

Mother's Day

Many thought the faithful would attend a special service at their “mother church,” the primary church close to where they lived, on this day. Throughout time, Mothering Sunday became a more secular celebration where kids would offer their moms flowers and other presents. 

Julia Ward Howe, a poet, and novelist best known for writing The Battle Hymn of the Republic were selected as editor of Woman’s Journal in 1872.  In the wake of the Franco-Prussian War and the Civil War, the statement urged women to struggle for global peace.

 On June 2, Howe vainly attempted to initiate a “Mother’s Day” celebration.

 After twenty years, Howe proposed having a Mother’s Day celebration on July 4. The groundwork was laid for a subsequent attempt, but this, too, needed to gain traction.

How to Celebrate this Day?

On Mother’s Day, many individuals honor their moms and other mother figures. Mother figures might include stepmothers, relatives, mothers-in-law, guardians (such as foster parents), or close family friends. Among them are, but not restricted to:

Mother's Day
  • Presenting pastries, flowers, or cards.
  • Visits or family reunions.
  • Breakfasts, brunches, lunches, and dinners with the family, either at home, in a coffee shop, or at a restaurant.
  • Phone calls from individuals, especially youngsters away from their moms or other mother figures.
  • Poetry and greetings on Mother’s Day.
  • Chocolate, jewelry, clothes, accessories, tools or equipment for hobbies, handcrafted products, or gift certificates.
  • A mother- or a mother-figure-friendly day at the movies.

Activities on MoMother’say

1. Give some Flowers to your Mother

Include your children if you have any! Grandma or mom will adore the surprise. Plants and flowers are always beautiful, of course. Bring plants directly to her porch if you live nearby. In most instances, delivery is available if you’re away (but be sure you purchase far enough in advance!). 

Mother's Day
  • Always welcome is a rose bush or geranium plant.
  • Or she’d like a dogwood or a blooming shrub for her garden.
  • Purchasing fresh flowers? Check out the symbolic significance of common flowers!
  • Here’s another thought! Using the flowers that each child’s month of birth brings, create a bouquet.

2. Make Breakfast for your Mother

This traditional Mother’s Day custom might work well in households where mom, grandma, or another mother figure gets up earlier than the rest of the family to make breakfast. It could be a refreshing change of pace to let Mom sleep late while the rest of the family cooks her favorite cuisine for a lavish breakfast.

Mother's Day

3. Watch Movie together

A relaxing Mother’s Day activity might be going to the movies with the family. If your children are younger, pick a matinee hour. You may get snacks and popcorn before the movie or reserve space for pizza or another enjoyable supper later.

Mothers Day Message

  • Mama, home is where you are.
  • Yes, you were correct about everything. I appreciate you being my mom!
  • Thank you for the hugs, kind remarks, and tolerance.
  • That mountain of laundry in my room is not as important to me as you are.
  • Without you, Mom, I’m not sure what I’d do. We appreciate all that you do.
  • Saying I’m just like you is the highest praise someone can bestow upon me.
  • I’m so happy to call you my mother and my dearest friend!
  • Mother, you’re the one who keeps us all together.
  • Mother, you frequently protected me from unfair things. I appreciate you keeping my spirit safe.
  • I’m sorry if I occasionally drove you nuts. You know I only do it to the ones I love.
  • The finest mother ever, you. I adore you with all of my heart.
  • Mom, I appreciate you always having my back. The world’s most incredible mother, you are. I will always and forever adore you, mama—Mother’s Day card with light pink, green, and yellow tones. Change the template.

Mother’s Day around the World

Mother’s Day is observed in many ways across the world. However, customs differ from nation to nation. For instance, in August, Mother’s Day is usually observed in Thailand on the reigning monarch’s birthday, Sirikit. 

Mother's Day

In Ethiopia, where families gather every autumn to celebrate motherhood over several days, known as Antrosht, families also observe Mother’s Day differently. Although Mother’s Day is observed in many ways worldwide, local customs differ. 

Mother’s Day is usually observed in Thailand, for instance, on the reigning queen Sirikit’s birthday in August. In Ethiopia, families come together every fall to celebrate Antrosht, a multi-day holiday celebrating mothers, which includes singing songs and eating a substantial meal.


Mother’s Day is a holiday that honors moms in families and individuals, as well as maternity, maternal ties, and the social impact of mothers. There are several methods to show appreciation for your mother and other mother figures on Mother’s Day.

The International Mother’s Day Shrine and white carnations, which Anna Jarvis requested be the holiday’s official emblem, are among them. This temple is devoted to protecting mothers. 

The building is a part of the American National Register of Historic Sites. It is situated in Grafton, West Virginia, alongside a museum, and its mission is to uphold, advance, and cultivate the spirit of motherhood.


Q: Is Mother’s Day national?

President Woodrow Wilson enacted legislation to make Mother’s Day a federal holiday after Anna Jarvis declared the second Sunday in May the holiday.

Q: Which day is International Mother’s Day?

Most nations, including the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, the Philippines, and South Africa, commemorate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May each year. Most nations will celebrate Mother’s Day this year on May 12th. 

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