What can you expect at the Hermanus Whale Festival?

The annual Hermanus Whale  Festival, now in its 32nd year, honors the southern right whales return to the south of the African coast. It pays homage to Wendy the Whale’s contribution to the community, whose tale illustrates how communities can work together to value the environment and how a man can coexist with nature.

Hermanus Whale Watching Festival

 The goal of all the whale festival’s events and activities is to raise awareness of the need to conserve whales and all other marine species that live in our coastal waters. The celebration is held around the end of September when whale activity is at its highest in the area.

The Festival’s main attraction is the whales, who will be joined on land by singers, artists, athletes, and thousands of festivalgoers to celebrate spring in Hermanus, one of the most picturesque places on earth.

Hermanus Whale Watching Festival

Every year in the second part of September, a singular event draws admirers of marine ecology. Since 1992, Hermanus has hosted the Whale Festival. The highlight of this breathtakingly beautiful South African seaside town’s stunning coasts and beaches is its longstanding history of whale viewing and holding the Hermanus Whale Festival.

Hermanus Whale Watching Festival

Which brings in well over 130,000 tourists for the weeklong celebrations. Regarded as South Africa’s exclusive Eco-Art event. The town comes alive with thousands of events during the Hermanus Whale Festival for everyone to enjoy and learn about.

People came to view a whale migration, a natural event. The world’s top land-based whale-watching spot is thought to be the coastal town of Hermanus.

Welcomes thousands of tourists each year who come to revel in the Festival’s music, comedy, cabaret, African rhythms performances, the area’s extraordinary natural surroundings, and whale-watching opportunities. 

How did the whales amuse the visitors?

As the flow of water stops, a black whale appears from the sea and spins to reveal its stomach, which is covered with white spots, before gliding back into the bay. This is a luxury that residents and visitors alike enjoy watching each year in the lovely fishing hamlet of Hermanus. 

Hermanus Whale Watching Festival

Hermanus, South Africa, one of the greatest sites in the world to watch whales, hosts one of the most well-known ecotourism events.

The Hermanus Whale Festival happens every year from late September to early October when Southern Right Whales migrate yearly from the northern sea back to Walker Bay’s milder waters.

Visitors at the event gasp at the unbelievable sight as the whales make their new home mere steps from the shore. Most people have never experienced being this close to a whale, and the breathtaking scenery makes them feel almost child likely excited. 

Visitors to the festival are treated to a show they will always remember, whether they want to take a boat down to the water for a closer look or simply unwind on a picnic blanket on the cliffside beach.

What will be included in the Hermanus Whale Festival?

Apart from the greatest whale-watching in the world, there is a beautiful street procession, lively markets with local craftsmen’s wares on display and for sale, delicious cuisine, educational marine presentations, tonnes of kid-friendly entertainment, live music, and – of course – fabulous food.

Hermanus Whale Watching Festival
  • Marine | Nature lectures at the Marine tent Treasure Hunts on Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 2
  • A 10km Fun Run under the Eco-Marine-Environmental Tent that is interactive Saturday at 7 a.m., the festival’s Music Stage at Gearings Point Kiddies Entertainment on Market Square, and then back to New Harbour.
  • The famous Saturday morning parade starts at 11 a.m.
  • Whaling and wheels Market Square Arts & Crafts Stalls for a Vintage Car Show.
  • Restaurants in Hermanus and at the event serve delicious meals.

Whales and Wheels car show 

A vintage automobile exhibition is another festival held in Hermanus’ lush valley. For the classic automobile enthusiast, the Whales and Wheels auto exhibition features vintage cars, trucks, and tractors. While sipping a beverage, visitors may explore the vehicles and take in their history and state of preservation. 

Hermanus Whale Watching Festival

The valley is lined with Mercedes and Porsche models painted in vintage cream, crimson, and light blue tones after the performance. The vehicles lap around the town’s main street. 

At the same time, the whales dance off in the distance, joining the Hermanus Whale Festival Parade. When the automobiles pass, the audience applauds as excitement sinks in. The parade’s conclusion, however, also signals the beginning of the evening’s celebrations with a rush of adrenaline and the smell of burning gasoline.

Carnival games and rides

This event is enjoyable for attendees of any age due to the parade and carnival. Adults enjoy shopping therapy, while the kids are thrilled with carnival games and rides, including trampolines, bouncy castles, and spinning teacups. 

Hermanus Whale Watching Festival

Traditional attire in white kiosks surrounding the sidewalks is available, along with rare seashells collected from the coast and flashy jewelry and accessories. These booths go down to the Eco Marine Tent, the busiest area of the festival, where visitors get succulent plants while learning about reducing carbon emissions.

 Technology is used in the Eco Marine Tent to keep guests in touch with the outside world. It is full of sustainable activities to demonstrate to tourists that it is okay to choose between the two.

Boat Trips

During the Hermanus whale viewing season, whale-watching boat cruises are a principal activity and a terrific opportunity to get close to our whales without disturbing them. To ensure this, only 5 boat permits are provided to 5 whale watching operators.

Helicopter flights 

You will never forget the fantastic and unforgettable experience of taking a helicopter trip over the ocean, beaches, mountains, and whales. You may get up close and personal by sea kayaking.


The Hermanus Whale Festival should be noticed since it is one of the most fantastic places in the world to see whales. Every seasoned visitor wants to add Hermanus, South Africa, to their itinerary because of the mountain range and the stunning views of the Southern Right Whales just feet away.

 Sand beaches, opulent boat cruises, and classic car displays are just a few features that demonstrate this little town’s incredible beauty. The Festival’s main attraction is the whales, who will be joined on land by singers, artists, athletes, and thousands of festivalgoers to celebrate spring in Hermanus, one of the most picturesque places on earth.


Q: What time are whales most active?

Although they might be crepuscular, whales are never diurnal. In other words, they are most active in the twilight period, which includes the time just before and after sunset.

Q: Why is the Hermanus Whale Festival celebrated?

The unique environmental arts event in South Africa, the Hermanus Whale Festival, takes place every year to commemorate the return of Southern Right whales to Walker Bay’s waters, our beautiful environment, and the start of spring.

Q: What date is the Whale Festival in Hermanus?

The 32nd edition of the Hermanus Whale Festival commemorates the southern right whale’s return to the south of the African coast.

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