International Day YOGA DAY – June 21, 2023

International Yoga Day was founded in Berlin, Germany, due to Samir Radsi’s inspiration while sipping coffee, albeit the precise year has yet to be discovered. The primary goal of the International Day of Yoga celebration is to increase public knowledge of the many advantages of yoga. 

International Day of Yoga

Humanity has been aware of yoga’s health advantages for thousands of years. This ancient discipline has several physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional advantages, including physical positions, deep breathing, and focus. 

This is currently being practiced in many different ways worldwide and is gaining popularity. 

According to the late B. K. S. Iyengar, a well-known yoga practitioner, yoga is the finest approach to developing and Caprese rvingrve a balanced attitude in everyday life while passing down the best performance abilities in every action taken.

History of World Yoga Day

Samira Radsi, a yoga instructor based in Berlin, Germany, established International Yoga Day some years ago. According to Samira, the idea behind World Yoga Day was to use the global community of yogis to support those who have been the victims of human rights abuses.

International Day of Yoga

 She just had the inspiration while enjoying a coffee one Saturday morning. Samira and Bjoern Wyrich, an f friend and fellow yoga instructor, soon discussed her desire to use yoga to assist others, and together, they started making World Yoga Day a reality.

What is Yoga?

Indian culture is where yoga first appeared. From roughly 5000 years ago, people have been practicing yoga. Yoga is not primarily about being physically fit; participants strive to manage their body and mind through breathing techniques and mental concentration. 

International Day of Yoga

In recent years, yoga has advanced significantly. You may find a variety of yoga styles on any studio’s calendar, including ashtanga and kundalini, as well as aerial and acro yoga. Hip-hop yoga, HIIT yoga, and nude yoga, to mention a few, are some of the most contemporary and odd variations of traditional exercise.

Men who instruct yoga are referred to as yogis, while women are referred to as yoginis. The Yoga Sutras were composed almost 2,000 years ago. This is the only book where textual proof of yoga has been discovered. The first book about yoga is this one. This book explains yogic philosophy.

Some Types of Yoga

Hatha Yoga

The balance between the chakras and energy centers is the focus of this style of yoga. The chakras are energy vortices or the locations where energy is focused in our bodies. They link to certain organs and glands and can be found in seven distinct places throughout the body.

International Day of Yoga

 Many physical poses and positions are part of hatha yoga, which balances the body and mind. There are some underlying similarities between the many styles of yoga practiced by various schools and masters. 

According to research, Hatha yoga reduces stress, keeps us physically strong and elegant, and makes us seem younger. Hatha yoga also helps our system to be cleansed and healed. Consistent practice also results in muscular toning and weight reduction.

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga, often known as the “yoga of consciousness,” consists of repeated positions. Kundalini yoga arouses the dormant kundalini, Shakti. The base of the spine is the location of this spiritual force.

International Day of Yoga

The dynamic energy consequently ascends the spine and supports your spiritual well-being. Stress, anxiety, sadness, and improved cognitive function can all be treated with kundalini yoga. 

Chanting opens the movements, followed by pranayama, the regulated and actual act of breathing. Next is kriya, a series of poses called mudras (specific hand positioning). After that, one does meditation, chanting, and pranayama.

 Jal neti kriya is a purifying method that aids in clearing out mucus and other obstructions from the nose path.

vinyasa yoga 

Vinyasa yoga and this kind of yoga are similar. B.K.S. Iyengar, one of the world’s top yoga instructors, is responsible for giving it its name. Some forms of yoga are different from Iyengar yoga. It emphasizes opening the body up, alignment, and posture in particular.

International Day of Yoga

 To refine positions, it also employs accessories like yoga blocks and belts. Iyengar yoga has been proven to treat musculoskeletal diseases, according to research successfully. One has excruciating neck and back pain with this disease.

 Also, it has demonstrated tangible effects in the treatment of spinal disorders. Strength, mobility, and stability all grow gradually. Moreover, it aids in the treatment of gastroenterological and gynecological problems.

Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga helps muscles get stronger. Going to the gym and lifting weights help to improve muscles, but yoga helps to strengthen and stretch your muscles simultaneously, preventing arthritis and back discomfort.
  • Children can benefit from yoga. Yoga is beneficial for soothing the mind and having the appropriate mindset. 
  • Positive ideas are generated while doing yoga and require mental focus to act morally.
  • Also, without using any medications, you may heal your illnesses by practicing yoga. 
  • Your body’s flexibility may be improved via yoga.
  • Yoga eliminates joint discomfort and strengthens bones. 
  • By practicing yoga, blood flow is kept healthy.
  •  Moreover, it increases immunity and the body’s heart rate.
  •  In addition, yoga also lowers blood sugar and helps regulate blood pressure.
  •  Because of yoga, losing weight is very quick and simple. Yoga permanently uplifts the person’s mood. It improves mental tranquility, which promotes sound sleep.
  •  The mind is calmed by doing yoga.
  •  Anxiety won’t occur as a result of doing this. 
  • Stress-related illnesses and hypertension don’t affect the body.


Many individuals need a thorough understanding of what yoga is, how it is practised, and how it relates to certain religious beliefs. While yoga undoubtedly had roots in mental and spiritual disciplines, Westernized forms emphasize a far more physical style. 

While some yoga instructors may emphasize more the meditation component, others may choose a purely physical approach. To determine which strategy suits you best, just contact a teacher or school before enrolling in their program. 

A person’s everyday life can be significantly improved even with daily or every other day yoga practice of between 15 and 20 minutes.


Q: What is the main goal of Yoga?

Yoga is much more than simply a simple physical practice, and the major goal of International Day of Yoga is to increase awareness of its many advantages. 

Q: How can we improve our life yoga?

A person’s everyday life can be significantly improved even with daily or every other day yoga practice of between 15 and 20 minutes.

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