National Youth DayNational Youth Day 2023: Yuwa Diwas Quotes

Kids are the backbone of humanity and should be honored! Today’s young people are acknowledged and celebrated on several days throughout the year in different regions, including National Youth Day.

India’s population nowadays is mostly comprised of people under 25. Celebrations that give youth agency are crucial because they carry the weight of the nation’s future.

National Youth Day promotes understanding of and awareness of human rights in India. On this day, people are encouraged to act appropriately in public. 

Why is Youth Day Celebrated?

On January 12, National Youth Day is observed in India in remembrance of Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, a significant figure in 19th-century India and a strong proponent of youth.

For the young people of India, Swami Vivekananda propagated beliefs and values that might serve as a significant source of inspiration.

History of Youth DAY

India has a long tradition of celebrating National Youth Day with various activities in schools and universities, including speeches, music, seminars, processions, sports, contests, and more.

National Youth Day

Several holidays honoring youth are observed in at least 18 different nations. In 1999, the United Nations established International Youth Day, which is intended to be a global international commemoration.

National Youth Day is an excellent opportunity to honor and celebrate the young people throughout the world who have so much promise.

Who was Swami Vivekananda?

National Youth Day

He highlighted the need for education for the general populace in particular. “Arise! ” is one of Swami Vivekananda’s catchphrases that is well-known among young people. Wake up, and keep going till the end.”Sisters and brothers of America,” he said at the beginning of his speech.

Role of Youth In Nation Building

Youth are important because they are the cornerstone of our future. They are our collaborators, but they will soon replace us as leaders. Younger people are enthusiastic and energetic.

National Youth Day

They can pick up new abilities and adjust to shifting conditions. India is the future of our nation. Youth plays a crucial part in developing nations. A country can only live with its young people. Youth is necessary for every sector we want to progress in, from athletics to technology. 

We must consider how best to support them in doing their task well. According to statistics, if developing countries with big youth populations invest in young people’s rights, education, and health, they may see tremendous economic growth.

Today’s bright young minds will create future leaders, creators, builders, and innovators.

  • The quality of a nation’s population, intellect, and labor are indicators of its importance.
  •  A country’s present and destiny are in the hands of its youth in our nation.
  • The youth are the population segment that is the most dynamic and energetic. The need for innovation and originality is strongest when a person is young.
  •  Youth are most suited to accomplish the development’s goal and plan. You may alter the course of a country because they are more eager and energizing. 
  • It may readily develop when a nation’s youth pursue education and employment. 
  • Youth need the freedom of speech, expression, and ideas for dynamic change.
  • The Young generation will determine the direction of politics, the economy, technology, and medical research.
  • Throughout the entire world, India has the most youngsters. 
  • Youth is a nation’s greatest resource. 
  • A nation’s future depends on its youth. 
  • Youth participation is at its greatest in every sector. 
  • Youth can make history if guided and molded in the right ways.
  •  One nation’s youth should receive the right direction to develop their talents.
  •  More than any other generation, youth are most concerned about the future. They stand for the best in the nation and represent the future.

How to Celebrate Youth Day?

Serve as a Volunteer

Participating in a charity that supports and assists young people in overcoming obstacles is a wonderful way to honor National Youth Day. 

National Youth Day

Volunteers are regularly needed to help with tutoring, programming, or simply spending time with kids that need a little more attention from nonprofit organizations, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Boys & Girls Club of America, YMCA, and First Place for Kids. 

Volunteer opportunities for community members may also be available at nearby schools. If you cannot volunteer, consider making a gift to your favorite organization that helps young people in observance of National Youth Day.

Gratitude for a young person

On January 12, the day before Swami Vivekananda was born, the Indian government declared National Youth Day. By encouraging young people to uphold Swami Vivekananda’s beliefs, the government hopes to better the country’s future. 

National Youth Day

It is a great way to channel the young people’s infinite energy and improve the country.


Stick to the three Ps

Purity, patience, persistence, and, most importantly, love are the three traits required for success.

Everything is mental

“You will be whatever you believe. You think you’re weak; that’s what you’ll be; if you think you’re strong, that’s what you’ll be.

Eliminate hunger and ignorance

.”As long as millions of people are starving and ignorant, I regard any guy who, having received an education at their expense, pays not the slightest attention to them a traitor.” 

Vedanta’s concept of religion

“The essence of all worship is to keep oneself clean and to treat others well.”


Q: Why is it important to celebrate Youth Day?

Vivekananda’s life and teachings might greatly inspire young minds. On this day, several events occur at local youth organizations, colleges, and schools, including speeches, rallies, seminars, and debates.

Q: When is National Day celebrated?

On January 12, National Youth Day is observed to honor the youth who represent the future of our nation and to remember Swami Vivekananda, who always inspired young people and advocated for the proper role of youth in national development. The promotion of rights for Indian people occurs on National Youth Day.


Swami Vivekananda, one of the most influential intellectuals and spiritual figures, was born on this day. Today’s young people are acknowledged and celebrated on several days throughout the year in different regions, including National Youth Day.

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